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  Nye bøker i desember

1     Brown, Timothy A.: Confirmatory factor analysis for applied research
2     Causes of conduct disorder and juvenile delinquency
3     Classroom authority
4     Dutta, Mohan J.: Communicating health
5     Elstad, Jon Ivar: Utdanning og helseulikheter
6     Evidensbaseret praksis
7     Evolving psychosis
8     Experiences of mental health in-patient care
9     Gabbard, Glen O.: Psychodynamic psychiatry in clinical practice
10    Gemzøe Mikkelsen, Eva: Mobning på arbejdspladsen
11    Green, Duncan: From poverty to power
12    Haga, Sigurd: Utdannings- og undervisingskunsten
13    Hall, Gary: Digitize this book!
14    The Health promoting school
15    Hoechsmann, Michael: Reading youth writing
16    Hvid, Tove: Kroppens fortællinger
17    Hypnosis and treating depression
18    The Impact of the environment on psychiatric disorder
19    International handbook on globalisation, education and pol
20    Iversen, Erik: Arbeidsplass Statfjord
21    Jordan, Bill: Welfare and well-being
22    Killén, Kari: Profesjonell utvikling og faglig veiledning
23    Kinnear, Paul R.: SPSS 16 made simple
24    Klein, Melanie: Love, guilt and reparation
25    Kort om barnevern
26    Lupton, Deborah: Medicine as culture
27    Lupton, Mandy: Information literacy and learning
28    Managerial and organizational reality
29    Meyer, Frank: Nasjonal støttegruppe for pårørende, overlevende og berørt
30    Miceli, Marcia P.: Whistle-blowing in organizations
31    Moodie, Gavin: From vocational to higher education
32    Omvik, Siri: Insomnia
33    The Oxford handbook of organizational well-being
34    Peled, Avi: NeuroAnalysis
35    Persson, Anders: Drogförebyggande arbete i skolan
36    A Practical guide to information literacy assessment for a
37    Public health behind bars
38    The Routledge international companion to gifted education
39    Rumsey, Sally: How to find information
40    Scaife, Joyce: Supervision in clinical practice
41    Smith, Heather: The art of helping others
42    Speaking about the unspeakable
43    Spinelli, Ernesto: The mirror and the hammer
44    The Transitional approach in action
45    Work group learning
46    Zuckerman, Marvin: Psychobiology of personality