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New web page:

The University of Bergen, including the University Library, has launched a new website with a new design. The "old" web pages will still be available for a limited period, but they will not be updated any more.

Welcome to the library's new website on


Welcome to the library!


Main objective of the library

The main objective of the University library is to collect and make available information in order to contribute to improving the quality of the research, teaching and dissemination of knowledge that takes place at the University of Bergen.



The University Library offers

 * Books, journals, pictures, maps, and

 * Access to electronic resources:
   information databases, e-books,
   e-journals, etc.

 * Assistance in finding relevant information

 * Courses/instruction in how to use the
   library's collections and services

 * Learning resource centres with workstations
   with computers and AV equipment, and with
   network for connecting your own PC.


More about the library


A talk with the new library director
  Randi E. Taxt


 At the Law Library:
    Henrik Wergeland 200 r

  At the Picture Collection:
    Book and Library

  At the Manuscripts and Rare books
    Linn Lecture in Vahl Manuscript

  At the Arts and Humanities Library:
    Welhaven in 200 r

    Exhibition archive


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